Database Integration

An example of some of the Databases we work with every day

We specialise in Database integrations. We are database specialists and are quite proud of it

We can

  • Design brand new databases bespoke to your requirements
  • Allow your website or project into your existing databases
  • Build a new website from your existing database

We  are Microsoft Specialists but we have worked on databases of all types, we can integrate with

  • Sage
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL)
  • MySQL
  • Access
  • Lotus Notes
  • Plain csv data
  • XML

Examples of ways in which we have used databases to benefit our clients include

  • Complete online brochure of products
  • E-mail marketing targeted to specific client groups
  • Allowing secure sharing of information
  • Allowing audits of all transactions
  • Provide customers with access to their purchase history and retrieve invoices
  • Provision of e-commerce web sites
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Cross selling of goods and up selling of products

We are extremely experienced in building websites and data management solutions with dozens of examples available of how we have integrated databases into online projects for our clients, and we offer a lot of knowledge which can dramatically improve the return on investment you can make from your data

If you would like to discuss your database project with our highly experienced and knowledgeable team then contact us on 0161 303 2000, or use the Live Support link at the top of the page, or the quick contact form on the right hand side and we will call you to find out more about how we help you with your database integration requirements

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