New domain name validation process from ICANN could mean your domain becomes suspended

Starting from 1st January 2014, ICANN the governing body for top level domain names is introducing a new process that requires domain registrants to validate their contact details via the email address held against their domain.

How does validation work

When a domain name is registered, transferred or due to renew, you will receive an email entitled ‘Registrant validation email’ from our domains partner, OpenSRS. This will contain a link asking you to validate your email address. It is imperative that you do not ignore this email, and validate your email address via the link provided as soon as possible.

How long do I have to validate my email address

You need to validate your email address within 15 days from the point that you first receive the notification. Further reminders will be sent on days 5, 10 and 13 of this 15 day period to ensure that you don’t forget to validate your details.

What happens if I don’t validate my email address

If you fail to validate your details within 15 days of the initial notification, your domain will be suspended and any website/email using this domain will be unavailable. Your domain can be reactivated, but this process may take up to 72 hours.

Custom Casino Spam filter

Having had such bother setting up a decent spam filter to stop the endless torrent of Casino Spam, I wanted to let you know it can be done, and it is highly satisfying It takes some work, but it does pay off, my inbox feels like it as been fully cleansed.

Massive Thanks to our Client for their generosity

The lovely people at have just very generously donated to our SCOPE fund-raising appeal. Our appeal page is at

Thank you very very much guys, it is very kind of you, and your money is going to a very good cause.

New dynamic sub-domain controller custom built for our client

Well, we admit we would like more time for our own website, our customers keeping insisting that we work for them, our customers are harsh task masters but we cannot complain, it is nice to be kept busy. We have built a brand new facility for one of our clients who can now build all of their own web sites quickly and easily using a tool we have built for them. If you visit

Taking Tips from the Multinationals

We were very happy to be at the BLAB event last night at the Manchester Deaf Institute listening to Moving Brands and the legendary Ian Anderson with all of his Yorkshire dead pan delivery style. It is nice to be hearing from people involved in huge projects the world over and how these projects are put together and managed, and gives us food for thought on creativity and working with global brands

Solid Web Solutions launches new website

Manchester based Solid Web Solutions has launched its brand new website. We are still working quite hard for our clients but we thought we had better showcase some of the web site design work we have completed for our clients across the country. We will keep the news section more religiously updated, as we often instruct our customers to

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